Thursday, August 20, 2015

A visit from home

This week my parents came up to visit us and bring up more of our things.  My mom brought us SO MUCH FOOD. Our pantry, freezer and cabinets are stocked.  They also brought up our roomies Pounce and Dany, who seem to be adjusting well.  They slept with us in the living room the first night and kept us up a good part of the night.  We think it's because they had been in the car for five hours and had a lot of energy, but we shall find out in the next couple nights if that was the case.  Other than that they seem to be adjusting well.  The have more space here then they did in their room at my parents house.  They love sitting on the window sill and looking outside.

Since we're living in an area with an abundance of good food, we want to take advantage of that as much as we can while we're here.  While my parents were here we tried a brunch/lunch restaurant in Santa Rosa called The Naked Pig.  This is a local, farm to table style restaurant with a menu that changes along with what's in season.  We had driven past this place a couple times since we got up here and since my parents are all about local, sustainable food I knew it would be perfect to try while they were here. Everything we ordered was delicious.  We all got the Local Pasture-Raised Pork Roast Sandwich with house lemon aioli and salad.  My parents got a side of potatoes and Abel and I had house-made drop biscuits with local honey. SO good. The also make their own Kombucha.  I had never ordered it at a restaurant (only had my mom's homemade) and I really enjoyed it.

 We were so impressed with this place, the food, and the friendly people.  We cannot wait to come back again for brunch.


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