Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fall Harvest

What's better than getting out of class early on a Friday? Not having class at all on a Friday. I got done early with class so Abel and I headed to try out the Tap Room we've been wanting to go to for a while. (More on that later) After that we headed up to my Aunt Ashley's and Uncle John's property. It's so convenient being less than an hour away from them.  My dad also came up for the weekend and I was so glad to see him.
Our Saturday morning started bright and early; it was harvest day! Well, one of several harvest days for them, but the only one we could make it to. My aunt and uncle have a vineyard and one block of grapes was getting picked that day.  It was a small area, so we were finished by 7:30am. (A couple days before they had picked for 12 hours!)
I'm not sure how much help we were (#rookies), but it was fun getting to experience this part of the winemaking process. 
It was hard work and I'm not sure I could have lasted much longer than the 1.5 hours I was out there! I have gained such a respect for people who do this kind of work.  Not that my parents ever raised us any differently, it's just really interesting to get a small taste of the difficult stuff farm laborers do.


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Blog Post Ideas

Ok so the prompt asked for 10 ideas but I couldn't think of that many! So here's 5 :)
1. How-To
Everyone loves a good how to! It's a chance to show what you're good at and teach us something.
2. Home Decor
Show off a particular area you love, or maybe some fall decor.
3. Fashion
A post about fashion is always fun to read.
4. Travel
Show us somewhere fun you've been.
5. Fall-Themed Post
Anything fall related. This is such a fun season with so much to do that there's countless things to blog about.
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Monday, September 28, 2015

A Day in the Life: of Dany and Pounce

Even though we like to play and keep Annie and Abel awake during the night, we usually wake up bright and early.  Pounce likes to lay in bed for a little while with the humans, but not me. The window sill is my spot in the morning.
When we have bugged one of the humans enough so that they get up, we come hangout in the living room while they do whatever they do in that room that has the big white box that I like to sit in (boxes are my thing).
Then the human sits on the couch so we can cuddle (I'm a couch cuddler).
Some days, the humans leave early to go to something they call school so Pounce and I have the whole apartment to ourselves. We play and sleep and climb on EVERYTHING while they're gone. Sometimes we get nervous that they're never coming back so we claw and scratch things. When the humans find out we did this they're not very happy with us, I don't know why!
Other days, Annie stays and hangs out with us.  She does this homework stuff (I don't know what that is) but she takes breaks to play with us.
She leaves after a while to go to work and we're all alone again to roam free in our apartment.  Sometime's Abel is there to play with us when he doesn't have school.
In the evenings after all the school and work nonsense, the humans have plenty of time to hangout with us in between homework and making dinner and cleaning.
At the end of the night, when they take a shower, we love to play with the water. We have to be careful tho, because one time I fell in.
It's a rough life we have but someone's gotta do it!

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

My favorite blogs to read

Today's Blogtember prompt is all about our favorite blogs to read.  I started reading blogs a couple years ago, long before I had my own.
When Abel was in the Army, I started reading a lot of blogs written by women whose significant others were in the military.  This was really helpful because even though I knew a little about the military (my brother was also in the Army) I didn't know anything about my boyfriend being stationed across the country!
I started reading Communikait a while ago and just love this blog! Kait always has something interesting to share including life in Hawaii and her adorable chocolate lab.
This blog is so cheerful and colorful.  Robin seriously makes me what everything Lilly Pulitzer, and this blog is just so fun.
This is another one I started following when Abel was gone because Mal's husband is in the Army.  However, I've just fallen in love with the whole blog.  Mal is a runner and definitely motivates me to work out! Also, her baby is adorable.
This one is relatively new to my "Must Read" list but it's great. I'm a little obsessed with pearls so off the bat the name got me. I love her fashion posts, as well as the healthy living posts she writes.
This is a really popular fashion blog and omg Caitlin's wardrobe is to die for. I'll take one of everything.  She always has really cute outfits and will share sales when they're going on.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Weekend recap

I apologize for my absence all of last week. The homework really caught up with me and I had so much to do!  This weekend was one that I'd been looking forward to for a while.  My best friend, Kayla, and her boyfriend Mat came to visit.
Friday afternoon, Abel, Kayla, and Mat picked me up straight from class and we headed to San Francisco.  Without traffic it's about an hour drive (who am I kidding though, there's always traffic) but it took us almost 2 hours with the Friday evening traffic.
We went to the Giants game against the Diamondbacks.  It was a good game, even though they lost 2-0. AT&T Park has seriously the best garlic fries in the world, so I was just happy that we had fun and I got my garlic fries. This was our first time sitting in the outfield and it was so cool! Definitely a cool view and super close to the good food. #Priorities

You bet we brought out that selfie stick #NoShame

We had a lazy Saturday morning; we worked on a little homework and watched a lot of Netflix. When Abel got off of work, we headed to Petaluma.  We ate at Lombardi's BBQ, but I was a little unimpressed.  It was good, but not great.  I guess that's what happens when your boyfriend was stationed in Land of the Best BBQ (aka The South).
We did a little shopping at the outlets.  Us girls were a little bitter the guys found all the good deals!
We then headed to Abel and I's favorite spot in Santa Rosa, Brew.  Seriously this has become our go-to. They have coffee, beer, tea and a bunch of other yummies. They even have games you can take to your table and play, so obviously we chose Cards Against Humanity.  This was my first time playing, and definitely an interesting one to play in public.
We finished the night curled up watching The Truman Show. I know this is an oldie, but I had never watched it.  It was actually really good!

We lounged around and I made pumpkin donuts until Kayla and Mat left and Abel had to work.
I am so glad that these two came and visited us and there's nothing like a good weekend with good people.  I'm looking forward to our next visit!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Blogtember Day 21 | Quotes

Today's prompt is: A favorite quote/expression and how it has impacted you.

This quote is so relevant to me right now.  It's been somewhat rough moving away from home to go to school in the North Bay. I know I always catch myself thinking how ridiculous it is for me to say that when I wanted to go to school in North Carolina. And it's true.  It is kind of ridiculous. I'm a 5 hour drive away, compared to at least a 5 hour flight to North Carolina.  I've tried to rationalize/explain/make sense of how I feel but I just can't. I don't love it here. I guess I feel this way because I could be getting the same education an hour from home, at the same place that my close friends are going to. I don't know, but back to the point. 
I'm not exactly loving it here. I had a horrible attitude about it the first couple weeks (poor Abel). But what I've come to realize is that my poor attitude is not going to help us get home any sooner.
We're living in a wonderful place.  Sure, it's not home.  But it's beautiful here.  We have awesome friends and family that come and visit to ease the homesickness. We live in wine country! We're close to San Francisco.  There's so much to do/see/explore. 
Whether we stay here another year or two years, we're here.  What's the point in having a bad attitude about it? No matter how long we end up staying here, I want to get as much out of it as I can.  We're here, so we might as well do what we can to make the most of it. 
And that's why this quote is so relevant to me.  I was miserable when we first moved here, but I realized that if I'm happy and have a good attitude about it, our time here will definitely be better.

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Night In

Today's Blogtember Prompt: It's a Friday night and you decide to stay in. What do you do?

Friday night in has been a typical Friday night for us lately.  We usually make dinner, whatever we're feeling that night.  It's usually not anything really fancy, because I'm tired when I get home from school.
After dinner we curl up on the couch with some ice cream and watch Netflix.
This is made about 20 minutes from where we live! (And it was delicious)
 We've been watching a couple shows lately.  We just finished The Killing which was somewhat interesting but I'm not sure if I would recommend it.  Right now we're watching Grace and Frankie which is hilarious.  We've watched some of Narcos which isn't my favorite, but isn't horrible.
Sometimes the cats will cuddle with us on the couch.
Other times they like to play with eachother or hangout in their favorite spot.

I would be remiss to not mention that a lot most Friday nights for us now include the piles of homework we have, so the above mentioned relaxation doesn't last long before the reality of being a college student sets in. We try our best to get as much homework done ahead of time so we can have these relaxing Friday nights, but that doesn't always happen. I think its important though to give ourselves a break so we don't get overwhelmed.

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bucket List

Today's Blog-tember prompt: 10 items off your bucket list.  If you haven't made one, now's a good time to start!

I used to have a bucket list, but somehow it got deleted from my phone.  I am working on a bucket list of things I want to do while we live in Northern California but I haven't finished it yet. On day two I mentioned that my ideal day would be spent traveling. So, today I'm going to share with you 10 places off of my travel bucket list (which is about a mile long!)
These are in no particular order, just a bunch of places I want to go.

I have been wanting to go to Boston for so long! I'm a sucker for a place that's full of history and Boston is one of those places.  There's is so much to do and see, and obviously I'd want to catch a game at Fenway.
This is another place that I've been wanting to visit for a while.  I think that the German culture is so interesting and so different from ours that we could learn a lot by visiting there.

I'm pretty sure this one is self-explanatory.  This place is beautiful and has amazing food. Specifically, I'd like to visit Verona, Florence, Milan, Pompeii, Tuscany, Positano, Rome (and pretty much the whole country), so I'll need about a month for this place.
I saw an episode of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (definitely recommend it!) about Lyon, France and ever since then I want to go.  The food is just amazing there, and they don't promote the tourism so much so you really get the local feel.  I'd also love to visit Paris while there, because you can't go to France without going to Paris.

Another European country on my list.  I don't know much about Switzerland but it seems absolutely beautiful.  I'd love to visit the Swiss Alps and also Lucerne.

Japan is definitely at the top of the list for me.  I have family that used to live in Okinawa, and my Grandma would visit them.  I would love listening to her stories about the country, so it always stuck with me and made me want to visit.

St. Augustine, Florida
This is another historic one, and that's what draws me to it.  It's one of the oldest cities in the United States and has so much history.

There is so much to do in London!  I really want to see Big Ben, St. Paul's Cathedral and the London Eye.  What I would be most excited about though, is seeing Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey.  I love the idea of seeing a lot of the Royal places.

I mean come on, how could you not like this view?  It's beautiful, there's good food, and Athens would be totally neat to see.
Disney World
I'm definitely a kid at heart, and would love to experience going to Disney World.  I've been to Disneyland here in California but really want to go Disney World because there is so much more.  I also would really want to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter while in Orlando.

So there you have it! That was really long, but there's just so many places to see.  I hope to be able to cross some of these off my bucket list eventually.
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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Labor Day Weekend Recap: On a Wednesday

I could not be more excited about Labor Day Weekend. I was looking forward to it since we moved because we got to go home and visit family! Unfortunately I took a total of 2 pictures, so I don't have much to share. #bloggerfail
We got in late Friday night and went straight to bed. Saturday morning my mom and I went to our local farmer's market.  This is my parent's Saturday morning routine and I miss going with them.  We also did some grocery shopping and my mom helped fill our pantry (Thanks mom!) Later in the day, we celebrated Abel's nephew's first birthday with a party.  Abel's family always has great parties and it did not disappoint. I was so happy to see all of his family. 
In between all of this, we got to spend time with our two best friends.  Abel's best friend Calvin and my best friend Mattie are dating as well so it works out really well.  Calvin is in the Army, so we don't get to see them a lot and try to spend as much time with them as we can when he's home.   
After the birthday party the four of us actually went out (gasp!) downtown.  It's more something that the guys enjoy, so Mattie and I pretty much just tagged along.
Abel was cold and I let him borrow my sweatshirt.
 Obviously I had to get a picture (he's a Duke fan)
Sunday and Monday were pretty much spent relaxing and spending time with our families.  We left late Monday night and didn't get to our apartment until after 1am.  That probably wasn't the best idea since I had a 9am class but it's hard to leave.

It was definitely a great trip home and it's always nice to see our families.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

It's almost Fall!

Fall is my favorite season. You just can't beat it. I just get giddy as the air gets cooler and I can pull out my boots and sweaters.  I'm getting excited just thinking about it! There's so much to do, and you can't forget that it includes Thanksgiving and my birthday.  What's not to love?
My Fall Bucket List
1. Decorate for fall!
2. Go to a pumpkin patch
3. Pick apples at an apple farm
4. Make homemade apple cider (my fav!), pumpkin donuts, apple crisp, pumpkin bread, and pretty much all the pumpkin and apple recipes I can find
5. Perfect a homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe (after reading this)
6. Watch some football
7. Add to my fall wardrobe with some more plaid

That's pretty much everything I can come up with, and I don't think we'll have a problem getting most of these done.  I'm excited to experience a Northern California fall, and all that it has to offer.

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Monday, September 7, 2015

About Miscellannieous

I wrote a short post when I first started this blog (almost a whole month ago) about my blog name, but here it is again for the Blog-Tember challenge. 
Let me start by saying that the reason I didn't start a blog for the longest time was because I couldn't think of a name.  It's seriously one of the hardest things to figure out.  I was so nervous about choosing the right name, so I started brainstorming and came up with a list a page long.  I narrowed it down and finally decided on Miscellannieous. Why did I choose this name? I love the kind of blog name that has a play on words on a play on the writer's name. I think it makes a lasting impression.  Not only that, but my blog is going to be about a multitude of things.  I write about different topics, from book reviews to novice DIY projects to exploring our new "home". I also plan to start writing about travel, college, and other things as we do them.
So I guess you could say that I write about a lot of "miscellannieous" things.  And that's where the name was born.

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