Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Labor Day Weekend Recap: On a Wednesday

I could not be more excited about Labor Day Weekend. I was looking forward to it since we moved because we got to go home and visit family! Unfortunately I took a total of 2 pictures, so I don't have much to share. #bloggerfail
We got in late Friday night and went straight to bed. Saturday morning my mom and I went to our local farmer's market.  This is my parent's Saturday morning routine and I miss going with them.  We also did some grocery shopping and my mom helped fill our pantry (Thanks mom!) Later in the day, we celebrated Abel's nephew's first birthday with a party.  Abel's family always has great parties and it did not disappoint. I was so happy to see all of his family. 
In between all of this, we got to spend time with our two best friends.  Abel's best friend Calvin and my best friend Mattie are dating as well so it works out really well.  Calvin is in the Army, so we don't get to see them a lot and try to spend as much time with them as we can when he's home.   
After the birthday party the four of us actually went out (gasp!) downtown.  It's more something that the guys enjoy, so Mattie and I pretty much just tagged along.
Abel was cold and I let him borrow my sweatshirt.
 Obviously I had to get a picture (he's a Duke fan)
Sunday and Monday were pretty much spent relaxing and spending time with our families.  We left late Monday night and didn't get to our apartment until after 1am.  That probably wasn't the best idea since I had a 9am class but it's hard to leave.

It was definitely a great trip home and it's always nice to see our families.


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