Thursday, September 24, 2015

My favorite blogs to read

Today's Blogtember prompt is all about our favorite blogs to read.  I started reading blogs a couple years ago, long before I had my own.
When Abel was in the Army, I started reading a lot of blogs written by women whose significant others were in the military.  This was really helpful because even though I knew a little about the military (my brother was also in the Army) I didn't know anything about my boyfriend being stationed across the country!
I started reading Communikait a while ago and just love this blog! Kait always has something interesting to share including life in Hawaii and her adorable chocolate lab.
This blog is so cheerful and colorful.  Robin seriously makes me what everything Lilly Pulitzer, and this blog is just so fun.
This is another one I started following when Abel was gone because Mal's husband is in the Army.  However, I've just fallen in love with the whole blog.  Mal is a runner and definitely motivates me to work out! Also, her baby is adorable.
This one is relatively new to my "Must Read" list but it's great. I'm a little obsessed with pearls so off the bat the name got me. I love her fashion posts, as well as the healthy living posts she writes.
This is a really popular fashion blog and omg Caitlin's wardrobe is to die for. I'll take one of everything.  She always has really cute outfits and will share sales when they're going on.

Brave Love Blog


  1. I haven't heard of some of these, so I'm excited to check them out!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh wow! I am so honored and excited that you've included my blog on here! That means so much :) I agree about Southern Curls and Pearls, her wardrobe is perfection... as well as Living Colorfully, I've actually met Robin in person before and she is just as fun and lovely in person! I'll definitely have to check out the other blogs you've mentioned. Thank you so much for including me on your list! :)

    xoxo Alexis

    1. You're welcome and thank you for writing such an interesting blog! That is so cool that you've met Robin, her blog is awesome.