Thursday, September 3, 2015

September Goals

I'm hoping that in actually writing these down, on this blog, it will keep me accountable and help me to complete these.
1. Go to the gym or workout more.  This is a big one.  I used to exercise so much but I've definitely fallen off the wagon.  I'm hoping to do some sort of exercise at least three times a week, hopefully more.
2. Decorate for fall.  This is part of my fall bucket list (which I'll share next week) and I hope to get this done soon.  I'm not doing much, but fall is my favorite season so I want to do a little something to decorate the apartment.

3. SAVE. We're working on putting away money (I even made a budget!) and I want to be able to save as much as we can each month.
4. Find a church up here.  We haven't had a chance to even start looking for a church because our weekends have been so busy but I'm hoping to be able to at least start to look.
5. Work hard at schoolwork and don't procrastinate.  This is another biggie for me.  I've been pretty bad about waiting until the last minute to do my homework, so my goal is to be more proactive about getting to done sooner rather than later.


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