Friday, October 2, 2015

5 on Friday!

1. Fall weather
We finally have been getting some cooler weather.  The last couple weeks it has been so hot, but it's supposed to be mostly in the high seventies this week and next and I'm so ready for it!
2. Moon
Did you guys see the Supermoon Lunar Eclipse on Sunday? It was really difficult to see here.  There was too much light and cloud cover.  However, my brother who's living down in Grenada, had an excellent view and took the below pictures.
3. Fall Fashion
I'm a little obsessed with fall, can't you tell? I'm been working on a wishlist to add a couple things to my closet for fall. I love all the colors and warm clothes and I can't wait to start dressing for the weather!
4. Pumpkin Goodies
I made these doughnuts not too long ago and they were delicious!
5. These travel tips
I don't travel as much as I used to, but these seem super helpful and I'll definitely use them when I need to.


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