Monday, October 5, 2015

Fall Fashion

I mentioned before that I was so excited for Fall and all the fun things the season brings.  One of my favorite things about Fall is the fashion! Here are some of my favorite fall trends and the things I am SO looking forward to breaking out soon. 
1. Riding Boots
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This is probably my favorite fall (and winter) fashion item. You can style a good pair of boots with so many things, from jeans to dresses to colored pants. I invested in a pair of Frye boots last year, and it was such a good decision! They are perfect and so so comfortable.

2. Plaid
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If you've been out anywhere lately you've probably seen plaid for fall. It's everywhere! Target even has plaid Listerine bottles.  I think that's taking it a little too far, but I'm still loving all the plaid fashion.

3. Colors
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Deeper colors are really popular for fall, and I've been loving all the olive green and burgundy I've been seeing. One of everything please!

5. Scarves
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I wear scarves all year round, but I love chunky knit scarves and the thicker ones you can wear during fall and winter.  I just purchased a blanket scarf (really late to that trend!) and I love how cozy and warm it is.

4. Layers
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This isn't an item like the rest, but more of a style.  Fall is so nice because you can layer so much.  It's easier than winter because you don't have to worry about freezing because fall has the perfect weather for layering.

So there's some popular treads for fall. Next week I'll be back with my fall fashion wishlist. Have a good Monday everyone!


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