Monday, October 19, 2015

Third Street Aleworks

Over the weekend Abel and I ventured out to try somewhere new and ended up at Third Street Aleworks. This is probably the second most popular brewery in Santa Rosa, after Russian River. (I also went to Russian River this weekend but more on that later!)
I'm not really a fan of beer, so I didn't order any but Abel got two. He tried the Stonefly Oatmeal Stout and Octoberfest Marzen, both of which he thought were really good. 
I'm not sure why my hands look gigantic in this picture!?
To eat, we shared buffalo wings and a pepperoni pizza. Super boring I know, but we weren't super hungry and I was really craving pizza! The wings were good. They were a little more spicy than a typical buffalo wing but I really liked them. The pizza was also really delicious. It had a crispy crust, which I love, and the top had just the right amount of cheesy-ness and sauce.  
Overall it was a good experience. The atmosphere was nice. It was loud and friendly, which I don't really mind. We're hoping to go again soon so we can venture out and try other things on the menu. I might even try a beer (wild I know!).


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