Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Birthday Celebration

On Sunday, Abel and I went out to celebrate my birthday.  My actual birthday was Monday, but we had the evening free Sunday.  And I worked early Tuesday so I didn't want to do anything too much on my birthday night (being an adult sucks!).  We decided on Jackson's Bar and Oven in Santa Rosa.  Excuse the horrible lighting, the restaurant wasn't super bright. We started with garlic bread that came with an olive tapenade. It was SO good. I don't even like olives but really liked this.  

Looks like true love
For dinner I got The Burger (with Bacon added of course) and Truffle Fries on the side.  I had never had truffle fries, but I don't think they tasted much different from regular fries.  The burger was delicious, and perfectly cooked.
Abel got the Chicken and Shrimp Gumbo.  He doesn't usually order soup, but he really liked it.  I tried it and agree that it was really good.
We also got a side of crispy Brussels Sprouts to share.  I love Brussels Sprouts and these were really good, with a hint of lemon that was just right.
I'd like to say that we had a delicious desert, but we were both too stuffed to order anything else.  Instead we came back to the apartment, enjoyed some hot cocoa and watched Netflix.

On my actual birthday, I wasn't really feeling like going out.  After work, we made dinner together.  I was really craving some pasta so we had some delicious spinach and ricotta ravioli.  For desert we had a Ghirardelli chocolate cake that my boss got me.  We ended the night with some hot tea and the movie Everest.  It was really good and I definitely recommend it.

Overall, it was a nice quiet birthday.  My mom and I just realized it's the first one I've spent away from my family.  It was weird but Abel definitely made it special for me.


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