Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dog Person or a Cat Person?

Have you guys seen this video? If you haven't you're missing out.  I'll give you a second to watch it.
Back? Good.  And you're welcome.  My brother showed me this video a while ago and I had totally forgot about it until recently. It doesn't really have much to do with this post, but it's a good laugh.

Now that we got that out of the way...
I came across this quiz the other day and of course I had to take it.  My result was that I am a dog person. And because one quiz was not enough, down the rabbit hole I went with "dog or cat?" quizzes.  I did this one which told me I am a cat person.

This got me thinking...what do I think I am? 
Let's start with story time. Growing up we always had both dogs and cats.  When I was young I always loved our dogs but I thought of myself as a cat person.  I even brought my cat to show and tell in Kindergarten (lol). 
Then we found Buster (he was a stray) when I was in 1st grade and I instantly became a dog person. Ever since then I've been a dog person. I always liked our cats too but was way more partial to the dogs.  There's something about them running up to greet you when you get home and the way that they always mostly sometimes listen.
Our Buster Brown on Christmas
Fast forward to last year. My brother Sam and his girlfriend Natalie adopted two cats while they lived in North Carolina.  When they found out they would be moving to the Caribbean for a couple years, they decided it would be best to leave the cats here in the states. And just like that- Dany and Pounce became our roomies.

I probably would not have adopted cats, and I know that Abel wouldn't have.  But we've seriously fallen in love with these two.  They're so fun to live with (even despite the occasional 5 am wake ups) and I really enjoy their company.

There's so many stereotypes about cats-and I pretty much believed all of them.  Living on our own with the cats is so much different than living at my parents with them. I have learned so much about cats.

They have so much personality! Both of them are different and have their little quirks.  Pounce (the tiger) is very anxious but very loving if he is comfortable with you.  He's the more sensitive one, and loves to cuddle in bed.  Dany, on the other hand, is more independent and sassy, but prefers to cuddle on the couch.  So weird right?

They are absolutely fascinated with bathtub/shower/bathroom.  Apparently they've always been like this, and we can't even take showers without them sitting on the edge.

A couple weeks ago, I woke up sick.  Pounce NEVER cuddles on the couch, but he literally sat with me all day and took care of me.

So am I a dog person or a cat person? I still miss having a dog and really want one.  But after living with these two adorable balls of fur, I definitely have fallen in love.
I guess I'm just an animal person.

Are you a dog person or a cat person?


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