Friday, January 15, 2016

Goals for 2016

It's the start of 2016 and while I don't necessarily like the idea of making resolutions for January 1st, I think it's important to set goals to strive for in the new year. It gives me structure and reminds me what I really want for the coming year. I'm sure many many bloggers are doing the same kind of posts this time of year, but I really would like to get this down so I can stay accountable! Here are some things I've come up with that I'd like to focus on throughout the year. 
-Post 3 times a week: While I'd ideally love to post Monday through Friday, with my school and work schedule it's just not realistic. I'm aiming for 3 times a week and I think that'll be doable.
-Increase my social media following: I don't want to put a number on this, but I want to focus on it in order to help my blog grow!

-Actually work out: I know I know, so stereotypical but this has really been a struggle for me since we moved.  I've always been active but these last couple of months I've really been slacking and I've noticed the effects of it.
Along the same lines...
-Eat better: My mom is really good about feeding us healthy foods but since moving out I've been slacking in this area as well. Learning to balance school, work, cooking and keeping up an apartment for the first time has been an adjustment. Towards the end of the semester, I started figuring out some things that I could do to make weeknight dinners easier so I think this semester will be much better for us.

My overall health goal is to feel comfortable in my body.  This includes eating right and working out, as well as being confident in my own skin.  I'll be working on all three of these things this year!

-Focus: This semester is going to be tough.  Like really tough.  I've just switched my major and the classes I'm taking are difficult ones so I'm going to need some major focus to get through this.

Travel/Things To Do/Places to Go
Explore Northern CA: I still feel like there's so much for us to see up here and we haven't seen very much! I'd love to explore some of the places up here and plan to create a bucket list for our time here. 
Wine tasting: We've lived in Northern CA for almost 6 months and still haven't gone wine tasting. Crazy right?!  I've been before but not since  we've lived here and I'd really like to go.
Horse races: A couple friends and talked about going to the horse races down south last year but it never happened.  I'm hoping we make it happen this year.

Miscellannieous Things (get it? ;)
Faith: I used to go to church every week at home and loved it.  Since moving, I haven't gone and I'm definitely missing it.  I want to work on attending church as well as incorporating this into my daily life.
Savings: I'd like to work at putting more away in my savings account for school, trips, and other things.  I do pretty well at this now but would like to improve.
Credit Card Debt: Ah the pesky credit cards.  This comes from furnishing a new apartment. Though we did it on a budget, moving is expensive and I plan to have the debt paid off ASAP.
Read: I LOVE reading, but I hardly read any books last year.  School kicked my butt last semester and I felt like I had no time for reading.  I'm hoping I can change that this year and aim to read at least one book a month.  Easy enough, right?!

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