Monday, February 1, 2016

10 Reasons I Miss Visiting The South

If you know me, you know that I love the South.  Both Abel and my brother Sam were stationed in North Carolina and Sam went to UNC (go Tarheels!) so for a while there I was visiting about every two months. I fell in love with the state and The South in general. You know that feeling you get when you're in a familiar, comfortable place? That's how I felt going to North Carolina. I felt at home. 
Since my brother has graduated and moved away and Abel's enlistment is over, it's been a year since I've been to the East Coast.  I'm dying to go back, but for now I'll just sit here and reminisce on all the wonderful things about it.

1. Southern Hospitality
Southern Hospitality is no joke.  Seriously- people are so polite and I love it! Everyone has such polite manners and I love how people use sir/ma'am.  

2. Food
North Carolina BBQ is the best.  I learned that I love vinegar-based BBQ sauce and coleslaw on a pulled pork sandwich is a must! And biscuits. And fried chicken.
And-Cookout shakes.  Oh the Cookout shakes.

Raleigh, NC
3. Historic Cities
There's so much history in the South and I loved exploring it.  We made a weekend trip to Savannah and I fell in love with all of the squares and the history of it.

4. People
Abel's closest friend in the Army was from North Carolina, so we'd go to his family's house a lot.  His parents took care of us and were some of the funniest/sweetest people I've met. 

5. Fireflies
CA has no fireflies so basically I didn't know these actually existed (duh Annie) and was like a little kid every time I saw them!

6. Ya'll and Southern Accents in General
I can't get enough of people saying Ya'll! And seriously southern accents are the best. LOVE them!

7. College Sports
I love college football and basketball and it's just not the same on the West Coast. I'll just have to stick to watching it on the TV.

8. Slow Drivers and Slower Pace of Living
I used to complain so much about the horrible slow drivers in North Carolina. After a while though, we realized people just weren't in a hurry to get anywhere and I love that. Since moving to Northern California with all of the crazy traffic I seriously miss North Carolina drivers.  I never thought I'd say that!

Austin, TX
9. Clothing/Style
I'm obsessed with the preppy style that is popular in the South and I can't get enough seersucker, Lilly Pulitzer, and monograms.  It's so cute and I love how put together the preppy style looks.

10. Front Porches
I totally thought that the whole hanging out on the front porch thing was just a stereotype, but it's not and it's awesome.  Bonus points if there's fireflies around!

One thing I don't miss at all? The humidity!


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