Wednesday, February 10, 2016

5 Tips to Get Your Motivation Back (For School and Otherwise)

I was so nervous for this semester.  It's my first as an official math major and I have a couple really hard classes. I knew I needed to snap out of it because I wouldn't be able to get it done with that attitude. I've come up with a list of things I did to help me feel better about this semester and make it successful.  Many (but not all) of these tips are helpful outside of school, whatever you are struggling with motivation in.

1. Get good professors - Seriously, I cannot stress this enough.  I never thought that this was super important.  Like I always tried to get good professors but cared more about the times of the classes. This semester I was crazy nervous before class even started.  But then I went to class on the first days and my professors are seriously amazing.  They explain well, are nice and also funny (which isn't necessary but helps) and just all around good professors.  I just look at this professor of mine that is young and pretty and funny and has her doctorate, and it's motivation for me to keep going with school.  

2. Keep the end goal in mind - This is true for anything, but school especially.  I just keep telling myself that I'll have my degree and it'll be awesome and it really helps to keep that in mind (especially when taking a class with topics I'll never have to use...ugh).

3. Take care of your health - This is a big one for me.  I know that when I eat good, I feel better and this translates to doing better in class.  Along the same lines, working out is so helpful.  The other day I was so stressed out after class, so I went to the gym and felt a million times better after.  Not to mention, when you have a bunch of things to do and you can actually check that off the list, it feels like a real success.

4. Give yourself some "me-time" - What ever it is you like to do, do it! I like to set aside some time for myself every so often to just relax or do something for myself.  Whether it be watching some Netflix, reading, wandering the aisles of Target (a personal favorite of mine) or anything else, taking that time to focus on something you like to do and forget about all the stressful things is so so important.  

5. Buy some cute supplies - I find getting new supplies, be it a notebook, planner, pencils/pens, or anything else is really motivating! It's like - I just bought these cute new pens and planner, so maybe I should actually use them. So, when all else fails (or before then) by yourself some cute school supplies and get to work!

Like I said, these tips have already helped me get over my nerves about this semester.  It's a long road ahead and I'm still counting down the days (100!) but doing all of these things will definitely help me get through it and I hope they help you too!


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