Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Easy DIY Personalized Dream Catcher

So I've been really looking forward to this post and I'm super excited to share it with you guys! Mattie and I came together to create this Personalized DIY Dreamcatcher. It's super easy to make and is perfect for personalizing your space.

Real talk- the walls in our apartment are so bare. I've put off decorating them for so long; not on purpose but it just got away from me! I thought this dreamcatcher would be the perfect thing to get some color on these bare walls and I already love how it looks hanging above my desk. 
My favorite part about this project is that it's so easy to personalize. Simply swap out the color scheme, choose different yarns or ribbon and you're off! Because this project is so customizable, it's easy to use yarn you have laying around from other projects.

What You'll Need:

-Yarn and/or ribbon// I used about 42 total yards of yarn and ribbon. This seems like a lot but keep in mind that I used some very thin yarn (like the lime green one) so I double or quadruple folded it before looping. When choosing yarn or ribbon, go for a variety of sizes and textures to vary the pattern. 

-Unfinished monogram initial letter// Mattie and I picked these up at Michael's for only $2.99!

-Spray paint// 1 can is plenty, I didn't even come close to using a whole can. I would recommend getting the yarn/ribbon then getting the spray paint because it's easier to coordinate the spray paint to the yarn/ribbon then having to find several yarns and ribbons that match the paint.


-Hot glue gun (optional)

I started this project using ribbon and ended up changing it to mostly yarn with a couple small ribbon parts because the ribbon was too hard too work with. If you do decide to include ribbon, stay away from wired as it is too structured and not flowy enough. I found that the silky feeling ribbon was hard to work with and would loosen easily, so if possible use a more textured ribbon. If you find a ribbon you really want to use, you can secure it in the back with hot glue (like shown below) to keep it from moving.

Step 1// Paint your letter. It was a little difficult because of all of the edges and crevices of the letter but using several light, even coats really helped with this. 

Step 2// While your letter is drying you can cut your yarn and ribbon and get them ready. I didn't measure exactly, rather just approximated and went back at the end and trimmed. The shorter pieces on the end were roughly 30" long and the longer pieces in the middle were about 46" long.

OPTIONAL// I wanted to be super difficult and add some ribbon before I started the yarn.  Like I mentioned above, the ribbon doesn't work well with the looping technique, so I chose to hot glue it.  With the letter upside down, hot glue ribbon onto the back side.  Wrap ribbon around and hot glue again on top of itself.  This ensures that the ribbon wraps on front of the letter like the yarn will.

Step 3// Once your letter is completely dry, get to work trying your yarn on using the fold-in-half and loop through method. (which I forgot to get a picture of! #bloggerfail) I started with white because the ribbon was a sheer white and I wanted this to be the base color.

Keep adding your different colored yarns.  I did one color at a time so I could space them out evenly. I fiddled with mine in order to get it just in the arrangement I wanted.

Step 4// Use some of your excess ribbon to tie a bow. Attach with glue towards the top of the initial.

Step 5// Hang on the wall, step back and admire your work because you're done. Ta-da! Told you it was easy!

Sir Pounce thinks it's a new toy!
Want to see another awesome take on this project? Head over to see Mattie's to see how she did it!


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