Monday, February 15, 2016

Easy Knitted Cat Toy Tutorial

I started making these toys for Dany and Pounce back when they were still living with my brother. I wanted to be the cool aunt so I bought them a bunch of treats and toys and last minute threw together some of these knitted mice with some leftover yarn I had from a project.  
Little did I know they would love these toys more than any of the ones I bought them.  I don't know what it is about them but they're obsessed! "Protecting" this toy from his sister is the only reason I've ever heard Pounce growl (he's a big sissy).
This project is super simple and can be done real quickly.
What you'll need:
  • Yarn: I didn't measure how much I used but it was around a couple yards. Something on the smaller side is better.
  • Small knitting needles: I used size 7.  They should be small so the catnip inside stays there.
  • Plastic yarn needles
  • Scissors

1. Cast on 14 stiches.
2. Knit 10 rows.
3. On the 11th row, combine the first and second stitches.  This sounds complicated, but when you put your needle through the loop, all you have to do is put it through two loops instead of one and knit like normal.
4. Knit the rest of the row, and combine the last two stitches.
*Optional* Get your yarn all tangled up and spend 20 minutes untangling it.

5. Knit two more rows.
6. On the third row, combine the two stitches on each end of each row, as explained in Step 3.
7. Continue with the pattern of knitting 2 rows, then on the third row combining the end stitches of each side.
8. Do this until you end up with 2 stitches.
9. Cast off.
10. Cut the yarn from the ball, leaving about 2 feet (As shown in top picture).
11. Fold in half as shown in above picture (you know hotdog style?)
12. Thread your yarn needle with the 2 foot long tail that is left at the nose of the mouse.
13. Begin sewing up the long side of the mouse. Thread the needle through the body, close to the edge, making sure you get through both sides of the body.  Pull the needle through, but don't pull all the way.  I like to put the needle back through the loop and then pull all the way through, giving it a really tight stitch (shown in second picture above).
14. Continue until you get the the corner where the long side and the short side meet.
15. Take some of your leftover yarn (I used the 1 inch ball shown above) and stuff it inside the mouse, until it's about half full.  Then comes the messy part.  Add some catnip into the mouse.  It gets everywhere so make sure you do it on an easily cleaned surface.  This is hard if you have cats as they will not leave you alone while you do this.  Stuff more yarn into the mouse until it is full.
16.  Using your yarn needle, continue sewing.  I sewed up until it was fully closed, then back down to the corner to meet the loose end.  This made it easy to Tie them in a knot so it was secure.
17. Trim the two ends to be the same length.
Ta-da - You're done!

When I first started making these, I took the time to add knitted ears, a nose, and eyes.  They were very tedious additions and after the cats playing so rough with them, I was worried about the ears coming off and them eating them (I know, I'm paranoid lol) so I stopped doing that.  If you'd like to add them, they look super cute!)

As always, I hope you loved this tutorial. If you decide to make this easy toy for your cat - let me know, I'd love to see how it turns out!


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