Monday, February 8, 2016

I Won The Lottery and Now I'm Broke

Just kidding.  
But I did win $1,000 on a scratcher and that was cool.
Backstory - I don't have the best luck. Like I hardly ever win things except at Mattie's parties. I think I've won some sort of prize at every one of her parties that I've gone to.
Last summer at Mattie's college graduation party (which was freaking awesome by the way, this lady knows how to throw a party) was no exception. 
There's always fun things and games at said parties. So at one point in the party, Mattie disappeared. I thought she was off doing something for the party so I didn't think much of it.
Then the DJ announced we were playing another game and whoever could tell him what Mattie was wearing from head to toe won. Guess who that was?! 
Surprise, surprise! 
My prize bag came with some Fresno Pacific swag and a scratcher ticket. Not going to lie - I pulled it out and my first thought was "I'm not going to win anything. I never win anything on these." (Can you say glass half empty?) 

But I found myself a penny and got to scratching. You know those people that scratch off one little square at a time? Ya that's not me. I scratched the first section of the game before even knowing what was needed to win. 

I thought I had won $500 but my first thought was wait am I even reading this right?! So I asked a friend because you know scratchers are so hard to understand. 
Sure enough I had and I was so excited I almost forgot about the rest of the ticket. Almost. I scratched the second part and another $500.
Id like to say I took some awesome trip or went on a shopping spree with the money but alas I'm a college student so it went straight towards tuition (ok maybe a little shopping was done)


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