Friday, February 12, 2016

Miscellannieous Friday

Well hello and happy Friday! This week was not fun, so I'm very happy to see the weekend.  Today I'm starting something new - Miscellannieous Friday! It's pretty much like all the other Friday posts out there, you know, share your favorites from the week, that kind of thing, but with my name in it. Pretty smart huh? I like to think so.

So here we go!

Some of my favorite articles from the week:

What No One Tells You About Going Home After College - To me, home is still home with my parents.  But I can definitely relate to what she's saying about living out of a suitcase,and coming home to little things different, or the whole dining room (I'm looking at you mom).

Stop Following Your Heart - Some words on some advice we've pretty much all given or received, and what you should actually follow.

What to Do If You've Lost Your Bag, Wallet, Everything - For all you travelers, super helpful article on what to do when you've lost something important.

Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base - Hilarious, even if you're not a Stars Wars fan.  Makes me dislike the casting choice for Kylo Ren just a little less (Did anyone else feel like he was a weird choice?!).

And some of my favorite blog posts I read:

Mattie's Makings Instagram Challenge! - If you haven't read this, you need to.  The possibility of free advertisement for your blog just by using a hashtag and following this amazing lady?! Sign me up!

Alexis's Reaction to The Super Bowl Halftime Show - Seriously go read this. No matter your beliefs, she has a great take on this touchy subject.

Morgan's Reception Pictures - All of her wedding pictures have been AMAZING and these are no exception.  Seriously so beautiful!

7 Photos You'll See On Instagram This Weekend - Because The Daily Tay is hilarious and so is this post.

So happy Friday everyone! I hope you have a good weekend and a Happy Valentine's Day! 


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